You've committed your life to Jesus. Now it's time to share through believer's baptism!

We are hosting a baptism class for all ages on Sunday, May 16th! You can join us after services here at our building at 12:30pm or online at 2pm through Zoom. For those attending here, we will have some light snacks and the class will take 30-45 minutes. Even if one person in your home is interested in baptism, your whole family is invited to attend together. This class is great for those who are ready to get baptized or anyone who has some questions and wants to learn more!

Choosing to accept the free gift of salvation and to commit your life to Jesus is a big deal! This life-changing decision is something you'll want to tell everyone about. Lucky for us, the Bible has laid out the first step to sharing your new commitment with the world, Believer's Baptism.

Take this bold step of faith at Severn Run. Let us know you're interested below: