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Expert Chat Series: Self Care

September 12 at 7 PM with Tawanna Brown Smith

In this third event of the Caring for the Caregiver Expert Chat Series, Ministry Leader Tawanna Browne Smith will discuss self-care for the Caregiver.

We'll discuss:

What is a self-care practice and how do you design one for yourself?

Key self-care activities to help you function at a high level.

How do you build a habit of consistency (and why you should)!?

Tawanna is the founder of MGTT Media, umbrella company for her self-care, travel and digital businesses. Through her companies, she supports women, business owners, and caregivers who struggle with their self-care through workshops, online training, coaching, and transformative retreats. She is a two-time caregiver, mother to Amir and Asad. Asad lives with autism and is a leukemia survivor. Her husband Charles is currently recovering from stomach cancer. 

This event will simultaneously stream on our Severn Runners Facebook Group, open to all members of Severn Run. 

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