Child Dedication

Commit to raising your child with Jesus' core values surrounded by friends and family.

June 1, 2019 at 3:30 PM

Severn Run Worship Center

Celebrate with family and friends (new & old) as we pray together in community for your family as you publicly commit to raising your child with Jesus's core values and the help of the church community. After the service, there will be a reception so you can get to know the other Severn Runners who are making the same commitment.

Why Dedicate

New Life

At The Church at Severn Run we believe heaven rejoices whenever someone accepts Christ as their Lord and Savior and is baptized. Once a person comes of age and recognizes the need to ask Christ to come into their life they can be baptized.

Before children are able to make that confession, we believe that it is a privilege for parents to dedicate their kids to God while making a public profession to raise their child in the ways of the Lord with the support of our church community.

Examples in Scripture

Giving Back

In 1 Samuel 1, Hannah earnestly prayed for a child and promised to give him unto the Lord all the days of his life. As we dedicate our children, we offer them back to God and ask God to watch over them and keep them all the days of their lives. As we symbolically offer our children back to God we promise that we will be a godly example to them.

In Psalm 127:3, we are told that children are a reward. In dedicating our children to God, we are demonstrating our complete trust in Him and asking for His blessing on their lives.


Jesus loved having kids around when he walked on the earth. In Mark 10:13-16, he asks his disciples to let the little children come because the kingdom of God is made up of such as these. There were many times that Jesus reminded us that we should be as children, and not let ego and power or position take preference in our lives. If we want to be like him, we need to be humble, dial it down, and be completely trusting in his plans for us and our children.

How it affects our parenting.

Trust in His Plan

As we reflect on the precious gifts that God has provided in our children, we dedicate our children to the service of God, and commit them to the protection of the Creator, we are reminded that we are all his children! The public act of dedicating our kids helps us to remember that ultimately God is in control over our children's lives.

Walking in Community

Our dedication services are designed to help you meet other families who are walking in a similar stage of life as you. You will meet other parents who are like-minded and committed to raising their kids to follow Jesus. We hope that you are able to exchange contact information with other families so that you are able to do life together as parents focused on Godly parenting.


Is this only a service for babies?

No. Children of any age can be dedicated.

What if I would rather christen or baptize my child?

As we explained above, we practice believer's baptism at Severn Run which is where a person is baptized only after they are able to choose the free gift of salvation on their own. This means parents cannot choose a baptism date for their kids alone! Sometimes children have accepted the free gift of salvation on their own, if so we would love to talk to you about that. Contact Pastor Steve to set up an appointment.

Can my family come?

Yes! We want you to bring anyone you would like. We hold the services in the main worship center so that there is plenty of room for your guests.

What do we wear?

Whatever you want! Many families choose to dress up, but it is not required. Wear what you think represents your family well, and what you would like to take pictures in.