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COVID-19 Response

Updated last July 31 at 3:07 PM

2020 will forever be a memorable year, right?

Since having to alter our worship services back in March, we have been focused on returning to our large group worship opportunities as soon as we possibly could. Most of our ministry efforts have been directed towards coming back together again from March through July. After offering opportunities for regathering, and listening closely to the needs of our community, we have decided to refocus through the rest of the 2020 calendar year in order to best serve one another. Check out this message from our pastor:

So What’s This Mean For This Weekend?

Starting Sunday, August 2, 2020, we will move to online worship services only. Services will be streamed via our Facebook, YouTube, and here on our website at 9:30 AM and 11 AM. We will not hold indoor or outdoor worship gatherings at this time.

This will allow us to focus on creating smaller, safer, sustainable gatherings through the rest of the year that we are calling “Campfires.” If you want to get a head start, find a few other Severn Runners to gather with starting this Sunday during one of our live streamed service times!

What’s Coming?

Through the month of August, the Severn Run Staff and key Serving Severn Runners will be working to create an extensive network of campfire opportunities aimed at helping Severn Runners deeply connect either online or in-person through the rest of 2020. We are excited to seek God and plan these smaller gatherings throughout the Baltimore/Washington corridor.

How You Can Help


Begin seeking God and asking Him what your involvement in our fall Campfires initiative might be. Maybe you’re comfortable hosting people on a Sunday, or leading an online class, or facilitating a Virtual Lobby. There will be many ways that every Severn Runner can engage and serve this fall!


As you join our online services, say hi! Be sure you either fill out our online attendance form or drop a comment to let us know you’re there. Find ways to fully engage in musical worship whether that’s through singing, journaling, or deeply listening. Reflect on the message by answering the discussion questions that close our online worship services. Pray for other Severn Runners who share prayers in the comments, or share your own prayers as well. Like and share our live streams so that your friends can join as well.


Your financial support helps create the experiences that carry our church forward throughout this time. Financial donations support our live streams, kids ministry, student ministry, and food bank as we continue to adapt in this time.

Stay Informed

Keep checking in here, on social media, or via our email updates to know what opportunities are available to you each week.

What About Not Sundays?

Before COVID-19, our campus was rarely quiet through the week, so I’m sure you’re wondering what else is going on outside of the online worship services. Let’s work through a few of those details...

Kids Ministry

Our Kids Ministry will continue to focus on innovation for our kids through 2020 in August, but in the meantime, be sure that you watch our online Kids Services each Sunday at 10:30 AM or Noon. We also have fun activities planned in person. If you’d like to get updates or learn more, join the Kids at Severn Run email list or the Parents at Severn Run Facebook Group.

Student Ministry

Our Students will continue with our Summer Schedule throughout August! We would love to have your students join in for Wednesday Summer Nights this week at 7 PM on our campus. Please keep in mind that masks will be required both indoors and out due to the new Governor Order issued July 29. See everything our Students are up to here.

Connect Groups

Our campus is open to Connect Groups again outdoors and indoors starting August 1. In order for you and your group to meet on our campus, you must follow the regular procedures to reserve your space. From there, Amber will provide guidelines on what’s expected of each group who meets on campus including room set up to encourage social distancing, mask use, hand sanitizing stations, and procedures on entering and exiting our campus. Space will be more limited on our campus than normal in order to ensure that we can maintain proper gathering sizes, social distancing, and sanitization practices. Once a group is approved to use our campus, it is the responsibility of the group leader to communicate procedures and expectations with their group members so that they can best participate. You can see the full Connect Groups opening plan here.

Other Ministry Events

Similarly to Connect Groups, other events will require scheduling and coordination with the ministry’s staff lead. Any events held on our campus will be required to take outlined safety measures in order to promote the safety of attendees and workers. As ministry leaders are approved to host events, you will begin hearing about those opportunities again at, social media, and email.

Procedures & Policies In Place On Our Campus

What We’re Doing To Reduce the Spread

  • Leaving doors propped open wherever possible
  • Clearly noting and directing foot traffic to include one entry point and one exit point
  • Regular sanitization of bathrooms throughout on-campus events
  • Clearly indicated safe social distancing standards
  • Required use of masks at all times while inside our building
  • Easily accessible hand sanitizing stations located throughout our campus
  • Limited lingering and socializing time inside our building (connecting encouraged outdoors as long as you’d like)
  • No coffee, tea, juices, or water provided
  • No shared food or snacks at events
  • Limited paper passing (no bulletins, event fliers, connect cards or common pens)

Cleaning & Sanitizing Procedures

Here at Severn Run, we are blessed to have an incredibly professional staff who exercise the highest industry standards at all times. For the last two years, our Facilities team has made a switch to a higher standard of cleaning materials to ensure that our building is continuously a safe gathering space. We also provide many clearly marked hand sanitizing stations that use the most effective and safe form of sanitizing solution. Our building is cleaned on a more than weekly basis, and surfaces are sanitized by industry standards (30-90 second dwell time of cleaning solution before wiping) in any season.

During this time of heightened safety, our Facilities team has changed the cleaning procedure to include leaving the cleaning solution to dwell for 10 minutes before wiping and cleaning surfaces. Studies have shown that no virus or bacteria are able to survive the 10 minute dwell time of these solutions. Our Facilities team is taking extra care to revisit doorknobs, handles, buttons, and other common area surfaces regularly during and after gatherings as well as make sure that spaces and surfaces are sanitized after each use.

Sean DeLair, our Facilities Leader, is in contact with the distributor of our cleaning supplies and this company is providing us with realtime updates on the most effective cleaning tactics against the COVID-19 virus. If you’d like to see the scientific and EPA materials that support the effectiveness of our cleaning methods, you can download the guides here:

*The products used on our campus are highlighted in yellow.