Easter 2020

Get ready for lots of ways to be involved and invite your friends this Easter!

Easter Events at Severn Run

Services: Saturday, April 11 at 4:00 PM & 5:30 PM; Sunday, April 12 at 9:30 AM, 11 AM, or 12:30 PM

Community Egg Hunt: Saturday, April 11 from 1-4 PM

2020 Easter Invite Challenge: Count to 40,000

It's our goal to see 3,000 people in our services this Easter Weekend. In order to achieve this goal, we have set a crazy fun inviting goal! Help us achieve our inviting goal by getting involved today. We have tons of great ways for you to plug in, here are some suggestions.

Be An Invite Pro

Choose which level of Invite Pro you will be to help us reach our 40,000 goal!

Pro Level Inviter • 113 Invites (Or More)

  • 50 paper invites
  • Share 1 social post per day
  • Invite your Facebook friends to our Easter Facebook Events
  • Text 10 friends our invite graphic & personal message
  • Email 10 friends our invite graphic & a personal message

Semi-Pro Level Inviter • 46 Invites

  • 30 paper invites
  • Share 1 social post per week
  • Invite your Facebook friends to our Easter Facebook Events
  • Text or Email 10 friends our invite graphic & personal message

Amateur Level Inviter • 16 Invites

  • 10 paper invites
  • Share 1 social post
  • Text or Email 5 friends our invite graphic & personal message

Take our Weekly Invite Challenges

Every week through April 5 we will issue a new analog and digital invite challenge. See if you can complete them all!

Analog Challenge

Hide 10 Egg Invite Cards this week.

Digital Challenge

Invite your friends to the Facebook Service Event that you plan to attend by adding them to the event directly. Links for each service event can be found below.

Be The Winner!

Track your invites and you can win the invite contest. Simply log your invites in the form above and the person with the most invites by April 12 will win!

Invite Resources


In our Atrium you'll notice that the space near the stairs is now our Easter Invite Central. Any time we are open, you can stop here to pick up paper invite materials.


Click the card below to get access to all of our digital Easter graphics. Scroll through and press and hold your favorites (or right click from a desktop) until a "Save Image" option appears. We suggest storing these images on your phone for quick and easy sharing and sending.

Social Media

If you're on Facebook, there are a couple of easy ways you can share and engage right now!

Step 1: Like and Follow Us on Facebook

Check out our Facebook page and make sure you've already liked and followed our page. See that button that says "Following"? Well if you click there, you can choose the option to make us one of your "See First" pages and you'll ensure that you're seeing all of our posts in your feed.

Step 2: Join our Facebook Events

Step 3: Share our Facebook Events

Using the "Share" button when you're on the event page, choose to share the event in your feed, or even better, select your local friends and directly invite them to our event.

Step 4: Update your Profile Photo to include one of our Photo Frames

You can find them by Adding a Frame to your photo and searching "Severn Run" or you can follow these links to get started.

Step 5: Share Our Posts or Post Your Own

Now that you Like and Follow us on Facebook, you can be sure to share our posts with your friends as they pop up in your feed. Don't want to share everything? Like or comment to help the posts appear in more and more newsfeeds across Facebook.

Step 6: Join our "Severn Runners" Facebook Group

You can request to join here. We'll be spending this time leading up to Easter cheering one another on, sharing invite updates and wins, and keeping you up to date with new opportunities to get involved.

Facebook Not Your Thing?

We're on Twitter and Instagram as well. Follow our pages there and retweet or share our posts in your Instagram Stories.