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Featured Story: Hannah Martin

When she was sixteen, Hannah stood on the roof of her family’s four-story home, ready to end her life. Then with a bolt of lightning, Hannah felt God calling out to her, telling her that she was not alone. She felt God had shown her that he was watching, and that he did not want her to end her life that night.

Born and raised in Howard County, and then moving to Columbia, Maryland when she was 12, Hannah Martin has always lived close to home. Growing up as the middle child in a family with six brothers and sisters, Hannah felt for the longest time that she was a little lost. From the outside looking in, it looked like the perfect family, but even in the Garden, before sin, there was a darkness lurking. And just like in the Garden, darkness found its way into Hannah’s heart as well.

While being raised in a Christian family certainly has its advantages, there are also some disadvantages that many people may not realize. When you grow up in an environment like that, surrounded by Bible verses, Sunday school, and church activities, you tend to go along with the flow, adopting the lifestyle because it drags you along. It’s sort of like a fish swimming downstream. It’s easier for the fish to follow the current as it flows, but is that really where it wants to go? A lot of times we are put in environments where it’s easiest to just follow the crowd, even though we’re not sure if the final destination is where we want to end up. It is the same for faith. Hannah followed what her family believed in, but at this point in her life, it wasn’t her own. She had yet to decide that her parent’s faith was hers.

Little did she know that things were about to start getting real…

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