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Featured Story: Pam Zangardi

Pam was a Christian Atheist, until her neighbors lovingly invited her to Severn Run. And then invited her again. And again. And again...

The best way I can describe my life prior to becoming an active follower of Christ is that I was a Christian Atheist.

 It might sound odd to put those words together, but that is exactly what I was - a believer in Christ, but not living as though I believed in Him. I always felt that a person's religion was something personal that shouldn't be shared. In my mind, it was enough to have Jesus in my heart, but I didn't need to go around and tell others about Him, as that might offend someone, and I certainly didn't want to be going around offending people, because then they might not like me. Getting into heaven was something that was for sure going to happen to me because I had memorized John 3:16 when I was about 10. Also, I was a good person who was honest, loyal, moral, and all the other good things one should be if they expect to go to heaven, right? I also felt as though I could sin openly because, according to the Lord's Prayer, I would be forgiven because I forgave others.

I had so much to learn…

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